Our Fruit Market is open Thurs – Fri 9-5 and Sat from 9-3.

      We will have multiple varieties of bin apples for you to pick out.

        PYO Apples are over for 2023 



PYO start Aug 26,      Sweet, juicy apple good for salads, baking and fresh          eating.                                                                      


Daybreak Fuji

PYO start Aug 26,

An early sport of Fuji.  The fruit is large with a pink-red blush over 80% of the fruit surface.       



PYO start  Sept 2,

An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to Macintosh.



PYO start Sept 9,

A sweet,  tart juicy all purpose apple. As good for fresh eating as it is for pies and sauce.


Golden Delicious

PYO start Sept 9,

A sweet all purpose apple.                                             


Red Delicious

PYO start Sept 9,

A sweet,  crisp apple great for fresh eating.



PYO start Sept 2,

A cross between Red Delicious and Macintosh, Empire has the crispness of red delicious and the tangy flavor of the Macintosh.     Good for fresh eating and sauce.



PYO start Sept 23,

A sweet,  extra large apple that is an exceptionally good keeper.  It can be used for anything!



PYO start Sept 30,

A tart apple good for  baking and sauce. 




PYO start Sept 23,

Good for sauce, baking and fresh eating.  Makes excellent cider. Ripens in September and keeps well in common storage late into winter.