Our Fruit Market is open Tues – Fri 9-5 and Sat from 9-3.  We will have multiple varieties of bin apples for you to pick out.  There is no PYO Apples in 2022 Due to March Freeze/Crop Failure. 





A sweet, juicy apple good for salads, baking and fresh eating.                                                                      




Daybreak Fuji  

An early sport of Fuji.  The fruit is large with a pink-red blush over 80% of the fruit surface.       





An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to Macintosh.





A sweet,  tart juicy all purpose apple. As good for fresh eating as it is for pies and sauce.



Golden Delicious


A sweet all purpose apple.                                              



Red Delicious


A sweet,  crisp apple great for fresh eating.




A cross between Red Delicious and Macintosh, Empire has the crispness of red delicious and the tangy flavor of the Macintosh.     Good for fresh eating and sauce.





A sweet,  extra large apple that is an exceptionally good keeper.  It can be used for anything!





A tart apple good for  baking and sauce. 






Good for sauce, baking and fresh eating.  Makes excellent cider. Ripens in September and keeps well in common storage late into winter.