U-Pick Apple Varieties

          Ginger Gold                             Starts Around Aug 18

Early Golden Delicious- type apple, excellent for eating and baking.



               Gala                               Starts around Aug. 25

   A sweet, juicy all purpose apple.


         Daybreak Fuji                          Starts around Sept 8

An early sport of Fuji.  The fruit is large with a pink-red blush over 80 percent of the fruit surface.

                Macoun                                       Starts around Sept 17

 An excellent dessert apple with characteristics similar to McIntosh.

               Jonagold                            Starts around Sept. 22

A sweet, tart juicy all purpose apple. As good for fresh eating as it is for a pie or apple sauce.

         Golden Delicious                               Starts around Sept 22

        A sweet, all purpose apple.


            Red Delicious               Starts around Sept.22

A sweet, crisp apple great for fresh eating      

                Empire                            Starts around Sept 22

A cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh, Empire has the crispness of Red Delicious and the tangy flavor of the McIntosh.  Good for fresh eating and apple sauce.

               Crispin                                       Starts around Oct 6

A sweet, extra large apple that is an exceptionally good keeper.  It can be used for anything! 

             Stayman                                     Starts around Oct 10  

      A tart apple that is excellent for                           baking and sauce.

            Smokehouse                            Starts around Oct. 6   

A favorite for pies and sauce. Ripens in September and keeps well in common storage late into winter.